This page documents Game Center achievements found in the Infinity Blade games.

Infinity Blade I (64 Achievements - 1,000pts)
Name Requirement Pts
Minuteman Defeat an enemy in under 60 seconds. 20
Inconcievable! Defeat an enemy without taking any damage.... 20
Last one standing Fight ten enemies in a single playthrough.... 15
Cinderblock Block 10 attacks. 10
Brick wall Block 100 attacks. 15
All right, little man Perform a Combo Attack. 10
Now THIS happens Perform 50 Combo Attacks. 15
The bigger they are Perform 200 Combo Attacks. 20
The harder they fall Perform 1,000 Combo Attacks. 20
Variety is the spice Do each type of combo in the same battle (3x, 4x, 5x) 15
En Garde! Perform 10 Parries. 10
A reed in the wind Perform 50 Parries. 15
You got the touch Perform 200 Parries. 15
Epic! Perform 1,000 Parries. 20
Roger dodger Dodge 10 times. 10
Artful dodger Dodge 100 times. 15
Full of holes Perform 5 Stab Attacks. 15
Like Swiss cheese Perform 100 Stab Attacks. 20
Wizard! Cast a Magic spell. 10
You shall not pass! Cast 1000 Magic spells. 15
Warriors only Perform a Super Attack. 10
No, THIS is Sparta Perform 50 Super Attacks. 15
Working hard Acquire 1,000 gold pieces. 10
Hardly working Acquire 25,000 gold pieces. 15
Its own reward Acquire 100,000 gold pieces. 20
Payday! Open 5 treasure chests. 10
Jackpot! Open 100 treasure chests. 15
Waste not want not Find all world treasures in a play-through. 20
Only what ya see Purchase an inventory item. 10
Well-Equipped Increase your inventory to at least 10 items. 15
Bag of holding Increase your inventory to at least 50 items. 20
If ya got it, use it Master an inventory item. 10
Master of disaster Master 10 inventory items. 15
Intimately familiar Master 50 inventory items. 20
Ding! Reach level 5. 10
There is no try Reach level 10. 15
Like dustin' crops Reach level 20. 20
Prodigal son Complete 1 Bloodline. 10
Skips a generation Complete 2 Bloodlines. 15
Back in my day Complete 5 Bloodlines. 15
This is on a phone! Complete 20 Bloodlines. 20
Don't back down Win a battle without dodging or blocking. 15
Hidden Hidden 20
Now stay down! Defeat the God-King. 30
Not in Kansas Get the alternate ending in the game. 25
Hidden Hidden 20
Four on the floor Perform a four-hit combo. 10
Fists of fury Perform a four-hit combo.
(tip - see the light weapons page for guidance)
Higher and higher Reach level 45. 20
Level un-capped Reach level 100. 20
1 million dollars! Acquire 1,000,000 gold pieces. 20
My preciouses Increase your inventory to at least 100 items. 20
Keeps on giving Master any inventory item twice. 15
New game plus Start a new game plus. 20
Master your domain Defeat all the Deathless. 20
How'd you do that? Reach Bloodline -1. 10
Survivor Survive 5 Arena rounds in Survivor mode. 10
Eye of the tiger Survive 20 Arena rounds in Survivor mode. 20
Playing with friends Complete 5 matches in Arena Multiplayer. 10
Contender Win 10 matches in Arena Multiplayer. 10
Titan destroyer Win 100 matches in Arena Multiplayer as a Knight. 10
Knight destroyer Win 100 matches in Arena Multiplayer as a Titan. 10
Infinity Blade II (51 Achievements - 990pts)
Name Requirement Pts
The Combinator Perform 2,000 Combo Attacks 20
Blockhead Block 10,000 attacks 20
Redirector Parry 20 Attacks 20
Tap master Parry 5,000 Attacks 20
Float like a butterfly Dodge 20,000 Attacks 20
Sting like a bee Perform 100 Stabs 20
Can't touch this Execute 1,000 Perfect Blocks 20
Perfect timing Execute 1,000 Great Parries 20
Perfect aim Execute 1,000 Perfect Slashes 20
Moving on up Attain Level 10 20
In the sky Attain Level 60 20
Scrooged Acquire 1,000,000 Gold Pieces 20
Break the bank Acquire 500 Treasures 20
Custom Collector Modify 30 Items with Socketed Gems 20
Grabinator Use 50 Prize Wheels 20
The first of many Master an Item 20
Centennial Master 100 Items 20
My precious! Acquire the Infinity Blade 20
Perfect duelist Win a Fight using Sword and Shield without Taking Damage 20
Perfect fencer Win a Fight using Dual Weapons without Taking Damage 20
Perfect thug Win a Fight using Heavy Weapons without Taking Damage 20
Mind over matter Win a Fight without Attacking the Enemy 20
Decked out Equip your Character with Gem-modified Items only 20
The Information Dealer Defeat Saydhi 20
The bigger they are Defeat Thane 20
Death of written word Defeat the Archivist 20
Stone cold Defeat the Stone Demon 20
Mechadeath Defeat the MX-Goliath 20
The harder they fall Defeat Thane (Final Death) 20
Traditionalist Defeat the god king using Sword & Shield 20
Size matters Defeat the God-King using Heavy Weapons


Two is better than one Defeat the God-King using Dual Weapons 20
Life after death Start New Game Plus 20
ClashMob! Participate in a successful ClashMob 20
Mob mentality Participate in 100 successful Clashmobs 20
Fusion! Forge a gem 20
Cold Fusion Forge a gem worth 1,000,000 gold or more 20
Solar Fusion Forge a rainbow gem 20
Nuclear Fusion Forge a rare gem 20
X marks the spot Find a secret using a treasure map 20
Dead men tell no tales Collect 5 treasure maps 20
Droid yer looking for? Meet TEL 20
Future shock Equip an energy weapon 20
I have the power Modify an energy weapon using an elemental gem 20
Revenge Defeat Ryth 20
Sterner stuff Spare the Iron Hunter 20
Stone cold crazy Defeat the Petrified Noc 20
Killing time Defeat Xyloto 20
What was that? Observe Ryth's ship 20
Assemble! Equip an item set 5
Anti-death Kill the Nega-God King 5
Infinity Blade III (56 Achievements - 1,000pts)
Name Requirement Pts


Do 10 combo attacks 10
It's all in the reflexes Do 5 parries 10
Saw that one coming Do 50 dodges 10
Brace yourself Do 25 blocks 10
Hand is quicker Cast magic 5 times 10
Stay on target Do a bonus combo attack 10
Traveling without moving Do 5 super moves 10
Red wedding Do 5 stab attacks 10
Finishing the job Do a mega hit 10
Like water off a duck Do a great parry 10
Don't give an inch Do a perfect block 10
Aegis Siris reaches level 5 10
Deathless Isa reaches level 10 10
Now I am the master Master an item 10
Folding steel Upgrade an item 10
Forgemaster Upgrade an item to level 6 10
Diamonds are forever Fuse a gem 10
This is my family label Cook a potion 10
Home-brewed Use a crafted potion 10
High roller Use a prize wheel 10
Hunt and gather Collect 10 potion ingredients 10
Steady supplier Buy 3 items from the merchant 10
Socially responsible Participate in a ClashMob 10
Empire building Acquire 1,000,000 gold 20
Gotcha! Obtain the Infinity Blade 20
Untouchable Finish a fight with a Light Weapon without Siris taking damage 20
Unstoppable Finish a fight with a Heavy Weapon without Siris taking damage 20
Unyielding Finish a fight with a Dual weapon without Siris taking damage 20
Irresistible Finish a fight with a Light Weapon without Isa taking damage 20
Indestructible Finish a fight with a Heavy Weapon without Isa taking damage 20
Inconceivable Finish a fight with a Dual Weapon without Isa taking damage 20
Old friends Defeat Ashimar 20
Knowledge is power Retrieve the Worker's datapod 20
No more bullies Defeat Terrovax 20
Two men enter Defeat Therin 20
Arms like tree trunks Rescue Jensen 20
Eternal sunshine Find the Redeemer 20
Welcome to my secret lair Find the location of the Worker's stronghold 20
Until the end of the world Defeat the worker 20
Through fire and water Defeat the Dragon 20
At the lady's behest Recruit the Gemcutter 20
All's fair... Meet the Merchant 20
Toddler of Secrets Defeat the game and watch the credits until the end 20
Collect this! Win a weapon from the Collector 20
Collected Win all of the Collector's weapons 50
Humpty dumpty Collect Egg Head Helm 20
Pot 'o gold Collect Kaun Helm 20
Friday night fights Collect Leatherhead Helm 20
Sleepy hollow Collect Hallow Helm 20
Top hat & tails Collect Gobble Helm 20
Jolly happy soul Collect Frosted Helm 20
Flutterby Collect Sprung Helm 20
Summer breeze Collect Sunspike Helm 20
Cupid's arrow Collect Love Baby Helm 20
Tis the season Collect Klauz Helm 20
True dedication Collect all holiday helms 100

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