The Aegis Forms are a fighting technique used by Titans, Deathless, and other warriors in the Infinity Blade universe. These fighting techniques were developed by the Deathless in order for battles to be based on actual skill and finesse, rather than technology.


In an Aegis battle two combatants would face off in a one on one fight to the death. These battles were honorable, and to break the rules of the Aegis forms was a disgrace to Deathless warriors, and Aegis form warriors, such as Siris. One rule of the Aegis Forms is that a slash across the neck was a dishonorable way to end a duel, such as how Siris kills Saydhi in the beginning of Infinity Blade II.


Two Aegis combatants in IB1.

Weapon ClassesEdit

Infinity Blade III and II feature three combat styles, depending on which weapon class the player has equipped: Light Weapons, Dual Weapons, or Heavy Weapons. Each combat type has distinct advantages and different capabilities.

Light WeaponsEdit

The most well-rounded of the three classes, allowing dodges, blocks, and parries, as well as decent power and speed. It also has good protection against enemy attacks (if blocking with a shield). The Infinity Weapons in this class are The Infinity Blade (Classic), The Infinity Blade (Modern), and The Infinity Edge.

3 weapon types

All three weapon types. From top: Dual, Heavy, and Light.

Dual WeaponsEdit

This weapon class has the best speed of the three classes, however, blocking is no longer an option. With this class the player should be using their speed to dodge and parry all attacks, then launching out with a series of stabs and fast slashes. Infinity Weapons in this class are The Infinity Swords, and The Infinity Daggers.

Heavy WeaponsEdit

This class is the slowest, but offers great power, in addition to high damage during attacks and combos. With this weapon type the player will be mostly blocking, and sometimes parrying, until they get a break. They should then take advantage of the high damage output provided by these weapons. While using this weapon class dodging is no longer an option. Infinity Weapons in this class are The Infinity Cleaver and The Infinity Spear.


  • Ausar the Vile created the Aegis Forms, shortly before the creation of the Infinity Blade.
  • Ryth and the Worker of Secrets are currently considered the best Aegis duelists on Pangea.
  • Ausar, before being redeemed unintentionally, was the most skilled Deathless in terms of mastery of the Aegis Forms.

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