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IMG 6990

Aegis Set in Infinity Blade III with The Sovereign in place of Kreiger

IMG 6991

Isa's Aegis Set in Infinity Blade III

The Aegis Set is a set in Infinity Blade II and Infinity Blade III that consists of four pieces of equipment:

The Aegis Set used to belong to Ryth, and later ended up inside Ausar's castle in Saranthia for unknown reasons, hinting to possible alliance/rivalry between the two great Deathless. The wearer of this armor set is considered to have complete mastery of the Aegis Forms. In Infinity Blade II, the set is found in the Shrine.

This armor set is the best all-rounded set in Infinity Blade 2, with high health, high dodge points, high shield points and lots of gem slots provided, making it suitable for customization. The Kreiger shield is however quite weak compared to other shields. The Kerrak shield is also a part of the Aegis set, and is recommended for use in place of the Kreiger.

In Infinity Blade III, the "original" Kerrak (with black/grey coloring) is obtainable via a special summer tournament. It has a starting level of 20 and boosts the shield stat by 500, the most of any shield. However, this tournament only appears to one player per year, making the shield nearly impossible to obtain. The wielder of the shield also gains the title "Grand Deathless Blademaster", which is Ryth's true title.

Also, in Infinity Blade III, Isa's Aegis Set, which consists of The Aegis Plate, Samus, and Diortem Brace, can be bought from the store in Deathless Quest only.

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