Type Normal Enemy
Subtype Immortal (Not Deathless)
Status Deceased
Aliases Blood Slave
Bill (unofficial)


Weapon Claymourn
Armor Plate Armor
Shield Prime
Helmet Blue Steel
Warning: Spoilers/plot details follow.

Archarin, otherwise known as the Blood Slave, is the final opponent of Infinity Blade I. After Zero Mech is defeated, Archarin will climb out of it. It is revealed that he chose to join Raidriar, the God King, thus granting him superhuman abilities. He has the same base stats as the player when fought, but not the same equipment. He has a dark elemental attack. He equips ClaymournPlate ArmorBlue Steel and Prime, similar to the first reincarnation of Siris/Ausar who fought against the God-King, with the exception of a different sword.

Infinity BladeEdit

In his attempt to kill the God-King, Ausar is killed by Raidriar, starting the tradition of the Sacrifice. Some time later, this tradition becomes a custom in Drem's Maw, where Ausar has placed himself. During one of his rebirths, he weds before leaving to duel Raidriar, and his wife bears a son, Archarin, who is assumed to be the next Sacrifice. Once he comes of age to face his fate, he leaves Drem's Maw to face Raidriar, as his descendants did before him. After defeating all of the Titans and facing his destined enemy, Raidriar offers Archarin 'a taste of immortality', which he accepts. Archarin pledges loyalty to Raidriar and becomes the Zero Mech pilot. Many years later, Siris enters Raidriar's chamber to fight Zero Mech. Once he has defeated Zero Mech, Archarin climbs out from it. Siris duels him again, and kills him. A theory is that Archarin is the character played when you chose to join Raidriar.

Infinity Blade: AwakeningEdit

After his rebirth following the incident at Saydhi's Estate, it is revealed to Siris in his rebirth chamber by TEL that Archarin, who Siris fought in Raidriar's dungeons, was in fact his son; a son from a bloodline in which TEL was unable to alter Siris' memories enough. In that bloodline, Siris got married and had a child before going to fight the God King. That child was Archarin. When Archarin grew up, he thought it was his duty to fight Raidriar. However, Archarin was convinced to join Raidriar instead, and in doing so, he was granted life and abilities beyond that of a normal mortal, such as agility and strength. 



  • Archarin is the only enemy to use the Plate Armor.
  • He did not become Deathless. He was only granted immortality and enhanced capabilities.
  • Despite the similarity in equipment, Archarin is not the Ancestor from the introductory Bloodline
  • Archarin seems to be very vulnerable to dark. This may be a glitch, but when the player uses the dark spell in the beginning of the battle, Archarin will be instantly killed, and the player is left with the finishing bonus.

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