This is the current standard format for ALL weapon pages in Infinity Blade III. See this page for sprites and links to weapon pages.
Any page that does not follow this format will be removed or edited accordingly.

If the weapon has been in previous games, do not alter what has previously been written in the information section.
If the weapon is relevant to the plot of Infinity Blade III (e.g. Infinity Weapons, Vile Set, etc.), then provide the information here.
If neither condition holds true, skip this section, and rename the next section to 'Information'.

In Infinity Blade III

Weapon_Name is a Weapon_Type(light, heavy, dual) (, locked) weapon in Infinity Blade III, (available for purchase in the store for Gp-icon.png Weapon_Cost / can be obtained by Weapon_Obtain_Method). It is used by Weapon_Character , and is a part of the Weapon_Set.)

How to Obtain <InsertWeaponNameHere>

Skip this section if the weapon is NOT locked and can be bought from the store normally.

Otherwise, elaborate on how to obtain the weapon.

Provide the initial stats in text format, and the upgraded stats in the weapon box below.


Insert images here.

For Example:

The Infinity Blade is a light weapon in Infinity Blade III, available for purchase in the store for Gp-icon.png 600,000. It is used by Siris, and is a part of the King Set.

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