The arena mode on the Hideout map

The Arena Mode is a game mode in Infinity Blade III. It was added in the Ausar Rising update. In this mode, the player battles Titans with increasing levels. The Arena Mode has three difficulty levels: Normal, Hard, and Aegis, which yield small, moderate and large amounts of loot respectively. It is similar to the Survival Arena available in Infinity Blade I.


In the arena, the player fights titans with levels corresponding to the difficulty level chosen: Normal, Hard or Aegis. The player cannot exit to the Hideout before defeating the first Titan. After every 5 wins, the player can either choose to keep the loot they have gained and withdraw, or continue in pursuit of larger rewards. These rewards can come in the form of gold, gems, or battlechips. After the defeat of the fifth Titan; the value of the prize will increase every five consecutive victories. If the player chooses to forfeit, they will gain the prize that they had earned. If the player is killed, however, they will receive no prize and will be sent immediately to the Hideout.


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