Type Large enemy
Subtype Deathless
Alias The Sorrowmaker
Weapon The Infinity Blade
Shield Vulcanis
Starting level 20
Found in Infinity Blade III

Ashimar, or Jarred in his past life, is a Deathless and member of Raidriar's Pantheon. He wields one of the Worker's modernized Infinity Blade copies and equips the Vulcanis for a shield.

Infinity Blade: AwakeningEdit

Siris and Kuuth discuss Ashimar when they are deciding which Deathless to assault next.

Infinity Blade: RedemptionEdit

Ashimar, then known as Jarred, appears in Infinity Blade: Redemption as a good friend of Uriel, Raidriar's father, in Galath's multilevel company. When Raidriar heads to the Worker's throne in the Ark, he sees Ashimar, but is forced to fight him after discovering that he has become a minion of the Worker. Raidriar defeats Ashimar and stabs him with the activated Infinity Blade, permanently killing him.

Infinity Blade IIIEdit

When Raidriar confronts the Worker in the prologue, he tries not to fight Ashimar. But realising he really is on the Worker's side, he is forced to fight Ashimar. Like in the novel, Ashimar is permanently killed. Though his default shield is Vulcanis, different shields such as Jaggertine and Sundial can sometimes replace it.


Ashimar is a Boss titan. However, he carries no unique or otherwise distinctive characteristics from regular titans (e.g. no special moves like mid-way attack direction change or extra moves inside fury combos), and because he is a tutorial titan, he does not receive a titan perk, nor does he receive elemental attacks or defences. Which makes him easier to defeat, knowing what you are doing. But be warned. His level increases drastically every time you defeat the Worker. Since you cannot see your inventory when you're the God King, you cannot equip items, nor use potions. So, what you really need then, is just a steady hand, bonus combo knowledge, and titan moves knowledge.

Dialogue Edit

Raidriar: Ashimar. So, he pits us against one another. I have not forgotten the kindness you showed me when I was young. Lay down your weapon and leave this place.

Ashimar: You can't fight him. He knows too much. Everything we do is but a string he has pulled.

Raidriar: And this- I hold the only weapon that can destroy him. You would have me believe he let me have this on purpose?

(Ashimar summons his Infinity Blade)

Raidriar: I am sorry, old friend.

Ashimar: not.

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