The Black Fire Map


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The Black Fire Map is a map found in Infinity Blade III. The reward is a Rare Darkfire +1000 gem. It is located in the Seccian Desert, in the middle of the Infinity Weapons vault. Go to the vault and touch the small circle in the middle of the vault floor. You do not need any or all of the infinity weapons to obtain the Rare Darkfire Gem, only the Black Fire Map.

Obtaining the Black Fire MapEdit


To obtain the Black Fire Map you first need the Obscure Map purchased for 1,500 chips. On the Obscure Map it shows an idol's face. This face is located at the Metius Observatory. Inside the entrance during the cut scene, or right before the fight with Oslim, the grass totem face is present. If you tap the bottom of the idol head, you receive the Black Fire Map.