The achivist

The Blood Sentinels, encountered in Infinity Blade II, are enemies that must be defeated in order to advance the storyline. To fight all of them successfully requires knowledge of fighting three of four enemy types (large enemy, giant enemy, and monstrosity).  When all three blood sentinels are killed and their seals are unlocked, the path to the Vault of Tears is opened.

There are three blood sentinels:

  • Archivist (blood sentinel 1, level 50 on first encounter) who guards the Triangle Seal.
  • Stone Demon (blood sentinel 2, level 75 on first encounter) who guards the Circle Seal.
  • MX-Goliath (blood sentinel 3, level 100 on first encounter) who guards the Square Seal.

If a blood sentinel defeats Siris, that rebirth is ended and a new one begins. This can be avoided by closing Infinity Blade II from the task bar. If a blood sentinel is defeated, Siris places his arm in the seal that the sentinel guarded, unlocking it. This process also kills Siris and begins a new Rebirth.


  • If the MX-Goliath is killed by using a Solar-Trans weapon or the Infinity Blade, then Ryth will appear the next rebirth in the room which you fight and defeat the MX-Goliath.
  • The Plated Guard who was crushed by Stone Demon was actually the Sentinel because he was the one protecting the seal.
  • The Exo-Pilot is also a Blood Sentinel. He just pilots MX-Goliath.
  • It is possible to kill two blood sentinels in one rebirth. This is done by defeating the Stone Demon, and then closing IB2 from multitasking. Upon reopening the app, the player will remain alive and be able to navigate to the location of the MX-Goliath.

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