The Brutal Gin is an enemy found in Infinity Blade III. It has a spiked helmet and has armor that slightly resembles the Thark Armor, although it has the shoulder spikes from the Jahsna Wrap. It carries exclusively Heavy weapons usable by Siris, such as the Reaper, and has no Light or Dual weapon forms it takes, nor can it switch between weapon classes as it cannot be disarmed.

The Brutal Gin is a simple, unchallenging enemy with no special tricks. Its fury chains are slow and have few hits, three at most. Two of the fury chains use the weapon on the first hit and can be parried immediately. One features a center kick on the first hit, but only follows with a weapon Slash from the top-left. It also borrows Plated Guard, Saburai and Plated Sorok voices when its attacks are being blocked by the player and when shot by Isa's crossbow.


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