Type Giant enemy
Weapon Cleaver Grinder
Found in Infinity Blade II

The Butcher is a giant enemy found in Infinity Blade II. Like the Headsman, it can be found guarding the skycages in front of a guillotine. The Butcher is based off of the Butcher from the Gears of War franchise. Encounters with him are generally less common than the Headsman.

DialogueSprite edit-pencilEdit

The Butcher is one of the few non-boss enemies that exchange dialogue with Siris.

  • Butcher: Step lightly, human - this is no place for one such as you.
  • Siris: Who is imprisoned here?
  • Butcher: They are the vilest of creatures, traitors to the Houses of the Great Pact.
  • Siris: I will free those who the Deathless fear!


  • The Butcher is one of the only people to talk with their mouth exposed, even though the mouth does not move with the words. The other is the Headsman, although you can barely see it.


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