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Cardboard Armor
Armor Cardboard
Type Armor
Price 12,000
Sells for 3,000
Health stat 8 (400 hp)
Dodge points 5 (7 Dual) (?)
XP to master 14,000
Circle gem 1
Found in Infinity Blade II

The Cardboard Armor is the armor item of the Cardboard set, found in Infinity Blade 2. It can be purchased for 12,000 and grants an increase of 8 points to health and 5 points to dodge. It takes 14,000 xp to master and has one circle gem slot. It is considered a joke item, appearing as various pieces of cardboard strapped with tape, except for the feet, which are actually trainers. The duct tape on the chestplate is arranged to show a picture of an eagle.


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