Cardboard set

The Cardboard set is a set of matching armor and a weapon found in Infinity Blade II. It was added as part of update 1.2, and is considered a joke or a "troll" armor set. There is no special ring for this set. In comparison to other armors and weapons, the cardboard set is average. 

Paper Cut (IB2)Edit

The Paper Cut is a light sword that resembles a rolled up newspaper. It is much shorter than other light weapons, making it just fall short of hitting an enemy during cutscenes after battle.


The Box is the helmet of the Cardboard set. It is simply a box with a cross shaped visor. Wearing this helm stops your character from looking over his shoulder, as the Helm is consistently facing forward.

Cardboard ArmorEdit

The Cardboard Armor consists of many boxes put together. It has an eagle on the breastplate made of what appears to be duct tape. Siris is wearing black trainers as shoes. Note that this is the only armor, other than the Thark Armor, that makes the hands visible. 


The Cardboard is the shield of the Cardboard set. It is simply a face of a cardboard box, with shield straps. There is a splash of blood on it. 

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