Chair Entertainment
ChAIR Entertainment Logo
Founded 2005 in Utah
Headquarters Salt Lake City, Utah
Subsidiary of Epic Games
Notable Games Undertow
Shadow Complex
Infinity Blade Series
For more information, see Wikipedia's article on Chair Entertainment.

Chair Entertainment, stylized as ChAIR, is a video game development studio based in Salt Lake City, Utah of the United States. The group is owned by Epic Games.[1] Chair Entertainment is responsible for the development of the Infinity Blade Series; consisting of Infinity Blade I, Infinity Blade II, and Infinity Blade III.

Other projects related to the Infinity Blade Series include Infinity Blade: Dungeons, however this was cancelled half way through 2013.

Chair Entertainment has also developed other games such as Shadow Complex and Undertow.[2] These two games have cameos in the Infinity Blade world, being Omega Armor XOS-7 and the Undertow set, respectively.


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