Circle gems or stat gems are used to increase certain stats. Circle gems can increase magic, attack, shield, or health. They can be purchased in the store, dropped by titans, or found in chests/prize wheels.

Standard Circle GemsEdit

Color Type Standard Gem Cap
Attack cgem Attack 200
Magic cgem Magic 200
Health cgem Health 50
Shield cgem Shield 60

Rare Circle Gem and LevelingEdit

GemCircle copy

Forging a capped standard gem (e.g +200 attack) with a capped indoor (e.g. +375 INDOOR attack) and a capped outdoor gem of the same type yields a Rare Stat GemForging a rare stat gem together with two high stat standard gems (capped are also fine) yields a higher-level rare stat gem. For example, an attack stat gem must be more than +100. This process can be repeated indefinitely. When this process is used, different kinds of gems level differently.

Color Type Initial Rare Gem Levels by

High Stat Standard Gem 

Attack cgem Attack 250 50 >= 100
Magic cgem Magic 250 25 >= 100
Health cgem Health 60 10 >= 40
Shield cgem Shield 75 25 >= 45

As an example, forging Attack + 250, Attack + 134, Attack + 149 will result in an Attack +300


The following equipment should be used for maximum circle gem slots:*
Weapon Shield Helmet Armor Ring
Light Heavy Dual
Orcan (IB2) (2) Reaper (2) Gelder (3) Trifecta (3) Royal Helm (3) Helio Plate (1) Ring of Man (2)
Ra'ul (2) The Widow Shriek (IB2) (2) Gem Shield (3) Hazzoc (3) Aegis Armor (1) Diruel (2)
Splintered Helm (3) Gem Armor (2) Gem Circle (2)
Aran (3)
Gem Helm (4)
  • The Gem Set has the most circle slots for equipment, but must be obtained through negative rebirths.

Attack Stat Gem RecipesEdit

Attack stat gems are frequently used to increase a player's attack. When forging three +200 Attack gems, an attack stat gem of 250 points is the gem forging result. They can be forged in two ways:

  • Forging three attack stat gems together.
  • Forging a shield, health, and shield gem together (in that order) usually works.