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Infinity Blade IIEdit

ClashMob 1.0, sometimes abbreviated to as CM, is a feature found in Infinity Blade II that allows multiple players to fight towards a common goal. If the goal is reached, all qualifying participants receive a reward.

ClashMob 1.0 requires the player to connect Infinity Blade II to a Facebook account.

Players can add other players to their mob, or accept invitations to other mobs. Having extra people in the mob unlocks extras for each event. At the end of one round of an event, players can also Like (a Facebook feature), retweet (a Twitter feature), or comment on the event to gain bonuses (pictured).

Some challenges have a few enemies from Infinity Blade I such as Kuero, Gortoel, Ealoseum,etc. Some hidden items can also be won from some challenges.

There are some items that can only be won on ClashMob events only:

Infinity Blade IIIEdit

ClashMob 2.0 is a more refined version of the previous ClashMob in Infinity Blade III. It is split into 3 sections: Trials, Clashmobs and Aegis Tournaments.


Trials are solo tests of skill that earn you Battle Chips or Gold. Challenges include parrying as many strikes as possible, landing perfect blocks, and surviving an overpowered boss for as long as possible. Each attempt is ranked as Bronze, Silver, or Gold. The better you do, the better your reward.


ClashMobs are cooperative battles where large groups of players work together to meet the target goal. The new ClashMobs have several stages. The Mob must complete one stage to reach the next, earning better and better rewards as they go. To get the best gear, the Mob will have to beat each stage quickly before the timer on the overall event runs out.

Aegis TournamentsEdit

Aegis Tournaments are special competitive events. These tournaments appear monthly, with advance notice; they are five stages long. Each stage presents a new battle with players attempting to post high scores. As a stage ends, only the top qualifying players move on. In the end, only a few will make it to the final stage, where you will be awarded with exclusive equipment.

To this date, there have been five items awarded exclusively to Aegis Tournament winners:

These items cannot be traded via the Customization feature.

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