Classic God King
Classic god king
Type Regular enemy
Weapon Infinity Blade
Armor Helio Armor
Shield Sunstorm
Helmet Helio Helm
Found in Infinity Blade II

The Classic God King, also known as the Nega-God King, is a "classic" rendition of Raidriar found in the negative rebirths of Infinity Blade II. He has the same armor, helmet, and shield as the version of Raidriar found in Infinity Blade I. The Classic God King also uses the same attacks and combos as the original God King.

When the Classic God King is killed, the player receives the Nega-Death achievement. The player will also go back to their normal bloodlines with the Gem set.

Reaching the Classic God KingEdit

The Classic God King can be reached in the negative rebirths of Infinity Blade II. The process used to enter this mode is described on the negative bloodlines page.

He may also appear in ClashMob events.

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