Dark Fiend
Dark Fiend
Type Large enemy
Drops The Vile Shield
Found in Infinity Blade II

The Dark Fiend is a staff-wielding large enemy. He can be found at the bottom of the dam, concealed in a tomb-like compartment in the statue, which can only be unlocked by the Infinity Blade. When Siris reaches for the Vile Shield, which the Dark Fiend is holding, it grabs Siris's wrist and throws him back, initiating battle.


It is a level 200 enemy and scales 50 levels each time it is defeated. When defeated for the first time, the Dark Fiend drops the Vile Shield. His attacks, while lacking unique fury chains, deals high damage and scores two hits for staff swings, so it is recommended that the player relies on parrying his attacks and dodge anything else, since the shield will be useless very quickly.

It is highly recommemded to have high stats, spectrum defense, ring with healing properties, and weapon with high raw damage às his elemental attack and defense will be unknown for each fight. If Raidriar has been defeated in the current timeline, it will have spectrum defense.

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