Dark Halo
Ring DarkHalo
Type Ring
Price Gp-icon.png 1,500,000
Sells for
Gp-icon.png 375,000
Gp-icon.png 750,000
Attack stat 50
XP to master 75,000
Shield spell Level 5
Found In Infinity Blade I

The Dark Halo is a ring that can be obtained by entering the negative bloodlines. It is lost when the negative bloodline sequence ends, but can be re-purchased in the New Game store. Alternatively, you can retain the Dark Halo by mastering it before returning to positive bloodlines, though you will need to repurchase it. It is a dark version of The Cog.

It provides a bonus of 50 points to Attack and enables the Level 5 Shield spell. At Gp-icon.png 1,500,000, it is the most costly ring in the game. It takes 75,000 xp to master.


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