A Deathless Blademaster is a title given to The Deathless. What constitutes the title is unknown; what is known so far is that Ryth and the Collector are the only such Deathless with the title. As per the title, they are extremely skilled in battle.

Ryth (Appears in IB2 and IB3) Edit

Main article: ryth

Ryth appears in IB2 if Siris has killed the MX-Goliath in the hangar using a Solar Trans weapon at least once.

Ryth returns as an enemy in IB3. He is found right after opening the chest in the Ark. There you can avoid him or fight him. He drops the Solar Trans OX when he is killed by Siris, or the Solar Trans MX if defeated by Isa. He is also found in Larioth right after opening the final chest of Larioth if you are equipped with a Solar Trans weapon.

The Collector (found in IB3) Edit

Main article: The Collector

The Collector is an enemy found in IB3. If Siris or Isa is defeated by the Collector, the former will lose his or her weapon; the same goes when he is beaten.

Trivia Edit

  • There is a bug in IB3, which turns Ryth into a blue and white figure.
  • The weapons on the Collector's back consists of Kurganic, Starsh and Odnal.

Picture Gallery Edit

Ryth and the Collector first duels, Ryth in the Hangar and the Collector in Crevasse.

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