The Deathless Quest is a game mode released in the Infinity Blade III: Ausar Rising update released on December 19, 2013, for a more challenging game experience. In the game mode, the player chooses their best equipment to enter the quest; all other pieces of equipment are left at the Hideout. Moreover, all gold and chips are stored at the hideout too, though un-equipped gems can be brought to the quest.

You can only play the Deathless Quest after defeating Galath at least once.

Deathless Quest

Deathless Quest on the Hideout map


The Deathless Quest is played in this order:

  • Act 1
  • Act 2
  • Act 3 (Siris)
  • Interlude - The Bloodmage
  • Act 3 (Isa)
  • Act 4 (Siris)
  • Interlude - Ausar Rising
  • Interlude - Power Vacuum
  • Interlude - Reflection
  • Act 4 (Isa)
  • Act 5

Inside the Deathless Quest, the enemies often have higher levels and boss Titan perks. If Siris or Isa are defeated by a Titan, his or her items are taken away along with all gold and chips gained through the quest, and the quest restarts. The lost items are labeled as "Deathless Loot" and cannot be rebought from the store. When the player defeats the Titan who took away their equipment, the lost equipment, chips and money are restored and can be again used in the quest. If, however, the player is defeated before the Titan is reached, their items are lost and will return to the OG store with all equipped gems.

Certain items are only available for purchase in the Deathless Quest store:

When the entire Deathless Quest is finished, all items will become able to be upgraded to level 15 via Jensen. If Deathless Quest is completed 5 times, their items can be upgraded to level 20. Every 5 Deathless Quests you can upgrade your weapons and armor 5 more levels up to level 200.


  • The glitch in which the app is deleted from multitasking does not work with Deathless Quest. When performed, the game will count it as a forfeit, and all items will be lost.
  • Every once in a while, you will receive a notification stating "The Deathless Quest has forgiven you! Come back to the Hideout to collect your lost items", which will return what you have lost back to you.
  • One way to get your items back without having to kill the Titan is to restart your last awakening, go to the home screen and delete Infinity Blade III from multitasking, then relaunch the game, and go on any quest except the Deathless Quests, then after you complete the quest that you went on, then the Deathless Loot should be returned to you.
  • You can get your items back if you complete an act with the character, who you lost your items with.