There are three Dragoor items found in Infinity Blade I and II. They can be obtained by killing the three Deathless in the dungeon or by purchasing them in the NewGame+ store.

As of the Skycages update, the Dragoor Blade, Dragoor Scale, and Dragoor Bone are available in the store.

As of the Kingdom Come Update,the Dragoor Set is available to the player and with new items.

  • Dragoor Blade(Light Weapon):Obtained by defeated The Collector.
  • Dragoor Bone(Shield):Obtained by defeating Dragoor and claim the treasure.
  • Dragoor Scale(Ring):Obtained from the store.However,the magic in IB1 and IB2 which is heal and fire,in IB3,it is nullify and fire.
  • Dragoor Plate(Armor):Obtained by defeating Dragoor and claim the treasure.
  • Dragoor Bane(Helmet):Obtained by defeating Dragoor and claim the treasure.
  • Ancharchax(Heavy Weapon):Obtained only from Aegis Tournament.

Siris with the full set.


There is also a seemingly unrelated heavy weapon found in Infinity Blade II called the Dragoor Mount (IB2). It is most likely not a part of the Dragoor Set since its element is shock.

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