Drem's Maw is a location mentioned in Infinity Blade: Awakening, said to be the place where Siris was born and lived in before leaving to fight Raidriar, the God King. When Siris returned to the town, he found a tax collector, Weallix, attempting to gain political control by force. He forced Weallix to leave, but the village elders later mentioned that they sent for Weallix to return and rule.[1] It is not known whether or not he complied.

Drem's Maw is built inside of a giant cavern, with a grin-like opening a hundred yards across, hence the "Maw" in its name. Thousands of stalactites hang from the ceiling, many of them several feet across.[1]

Infinity Blade IIIEdit


Drem's Maw

In Infinity Blade III, Isa travels to Drem's Maw, following the Soulless Ausar's path of destruction. It was added as an additional area in the Ausar Rising update. She encounters Minnoch, a Lesser Deathless who tried to take Raidriar's lands before being destroyed by Isa. Minnoch may have been permanently killed by an Infinity weapon.

Siris also mentions Drem's Maw when ordering TEL to go there and find the "right weapon", which was then revealed to be Jensen - a master blacksmith and an old friend from Siris' childhood. Isa later rescues Jensen from the Broken Tower.


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