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Use of the Ice spell

Elements are attack and defense-oriented bonuses in Infinity Blade I, Infinity Blade II and Infinity Blade III. They can also be used as "spells" when a ring is equipped.

There are eight types of elements. Each has its own way of causing (or blocking) damage. The elemental attacks can have different effects though, as explained below.

Types of ElementsEdit

Element Icon Effect Strength
IB1 IB2 and IB3
Fire FireIB1 FireIB2 Direct Fire Damage Strong against Ice
Ice IceIB1 IceIB2 Direct Ice Damage Strong against Fire
Poison PoisonIB1 PoisonIb2 Poison Damage over time Strong against Shock
Shock LightningIB1 LightningIb2 Shock Damage over time Strong against Poison
Water Not in IB1 Water Water Damage over time Strong against Wind
Wind Not in IB1 Wind Direct Wind Damage Strong against Water
Dark DarkIB1 DarkIB2 Direct Dark Damage Strong against Light
Light Light Light Light Damage over time Strong against Dark
Drain VampireIB1 Not in IB2 or IB3 Equipment only - restores health depending on damage done Strong against nothing
Holy Not in IB1 Image not available Spell only - restores health equal to damage done Strong against nothing; Only spectrum defense is immune
Crystal Not in IB1 Image not available Spell only - direct crystal damage Strong against nothing; Only spectrum defense is immune
Rainbow/Spectrum Not in IB1
Equipment only - full Spectrum Damage over time Strong against nothing; Spectrum defense receives 1/10 damage


Enemies may be immune to certain elements. This is shown in the enemy's info, which can be viewed before battle. All symbols on the right side of the preview are elements they will not receive extra damage from. Equipment bonuses will be nullified and rings will have a limited effect on them (one-tenth of normal damage). It is recommended you do not use elements that enemies are immune to when battling. All enemies can have immunities, while some Deathless Kings always have certain immunities in IB1. In IB2, most bosses develop spectrum defense, except for Saydhi, Gargap and Ryth.


Immunities to elements can result in greater damage when the attacker's element is contradictory to the one that the defender is immune to. These attacks cause 10% more damage and are more effective. Most elements can have an opposite element that will result in a stronger attack.

For example, if an enemy is immune to Light, but not Dark, Dark attacks will cause 10% more damage. This works the same for Fire/Ice, Shock/Poison, and Water/Wind.

How to Calculate Gradual DamageEdit

This section pertains to Infinity Blade II.

Light, Poison, Shock, and Water attacks cause damage over time rather than adding to the power of the attacker's weapon.

Gradual elemental damage is applied once every 1/3 of a second (known as a cycle), ten times. The damage applied is 1/10 of the elemental damage stated in the weapon's stats or in an equipped square gem. This means that the stated damage is normally applied over a duration of about 3.3 seconds.

If an additional attack is made before the duration is finished, the counter resets and additional damage is added to to the original amount. One point is deducted from this amount for every cycle that had already elapsed.

As combos cause double damage, they add twice the normal amount of elemental damage to the damage total. Super combos count as two cycles and add three times the normal amount of elemental damage to the damage total.