Type NPCs
Alias The Potionmaster

High Devoted

Eves is a Devoted (a mortal that serves Deathless) that serves Raidriar. He has been mentioned in both Infinity Blade books and is an NPC in Infinity Blade III.

Infinity Blade: AwakeningEdit

Raidriar mentions him as his High Devoted.

Infinity Blade: RedemptionEdit

Raidriar finds him imprisoned deep under his temple, wounded but alive. When they leave, he is nearly crushed by the collapsing chamber, but escapes in time. His nephew, however, was not so lucky and was killed.

He continues to follow Raidriar around, ending up at The Hideout. He moves the Pinnacle and creates some new armor for his master before Raidriar sets out to kill the Worker of Secrets.

Infinity Blade IIIEdit

With Raidriar dead, Eves now serves Siris and Isa. He is the only NPC that is in the hideout at the start of the game. He creates potions from the ingredients that you buy in the store, or collect in the game. He states that he only does so because Raidriar commanded him to, and often acts condenscending towards Siris and Isa.

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