Type Monstrosity
Drops The Vile Armor (1st time), random loot >10,000 (other 2+ times)
Found in Infinity Blade 2, Infinity Blade 3

Gargap is a challenging monstrosity found in Infinity Blade II and in Infinity Blade 3.

Infinity Blade 2Edit

As the player completes multiple rebirths, time will pass and a tree will begin to grow in the Arena. When it is fully grown, Siris can climb it and find Gargap's nest there. There is no flashing icon to fight it, so most of the gold bags must be collected in order to wake it. (NOTE: Gargap only wakes up if the bag limit is surpassed after the first cutscene finishes, so with enough speed, all the gold bags can be picked up without waking the Gargap).

In the first fight, the Gargap is level 200 and will scale 50 levels each time it is defeated. It will drop The Vile Armor upon its first defeat. After this it will drop random loot, normally sums of gold greater than 10,000.  As a monstrosity, it has several fury combos, none of which are unique to the Gargap itself. Gaining experience in dodging and blocking attacks from monstrosities will lead to a potentially easier fight against the Gargap. It is a recommendation to equip a dual weapon, in order to enable the central duck button, as blocking using a light or heavy weapon will wear down the shield very quickly. It is also recommended to equip a ring with healing or holy properties, like Thorne, Kward, or the Holy Band, the last of which is impossible to get unless the Gargap has already been defeated or the ring was obtained through a prize wheel. It is also recommended to use a weapon with a high attack stat to kill the Gargap quickly. A good idea is to use the dual Solar Trans OX with a capped gem, since it is very fast, allows you to dodge a lot, and even if the Gargap is resistant to your element, the multiplier allows you to still deal very significant damage.

Gargap is one of the few bosses in Infinity Blade II lacking spectrum defense.  

Infinity Blade 3Edit

Gargap can be found in the "And My Axe" ClashMob and rarely appears as a regular enemy at the Broken Tower.

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