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The Gelder is a dual weapon only appearing in IB2 which can be bought in the store for 362,500. It can be used in the Shrine to unlock Nahte. It does 245 damage and has three circle gem slots.

Tactics Edit

GemCircle copy

It is recommended to use three circle gems within this weapon because they can increase the type Attack, Magic, Health or Shield very well for not that much coins. One Tactic is upgrading this weapon with Attack- or Magic-circle gems for getting the enemy faster down. You should never set a Sheield-circle gem into one slot because with Akimbo-weapons you are not able to use a shield.


  • This weapon is needed to unlock Nahte in The Shrine. Nahte is an anagram of Thane and his weapon is needed to obtain it.
  • Gelder is the dual-weapon with the most circle gems in the whole game.
  • Thane is using this sword as a heavy waepon although it is an Akimbo-weapon. In his other hand he carries a shield named Byzanti.
  • Thane lost his sword after being destabilized by the Worker and then uses the Rift.


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