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Sword Gelder
Type Dual weapon
Price $362,500
Sells for $90,625
Attack stat 245
XP to master 10,000
Circle gems 3
Equipped by Thane(as Light weapons)
Found in Infinity Blade II

The Gelder is a dual weapon which can be bought in the store for $362,500. It can be used in the Shrine to unlock Nahte. It does 245 damage and has three circle gem slots.

Thane wields one Gelder as a light weapon, players however, are not able to singularly weild Gelder, as it is a dual weilded weapon. This is just like some of the other enemies in the game that equipt weapons in ways other than available to the player.


  • This weapon is needed to unlock Nahte in The Shrine. Nahte is an anagram of Thane and his weapon is needed to obtain it.


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