Gemini (IB1)
Sword Gemini
Type Weapon
Price Gp-icon.png 1,950
Sells for
Gp-icon.png 487
Gp-icon.png 975
Attack stat +6
Bonus VampireIB1 +1
XP to master 800
Found in Infinity Blade I
Infused with dark magics, this cursed twin blade drains the essence of those who taste its sting.[src]

Gemini is a weapon that can be purchased in the store for Gp-icon.png 1,950. It has +6 Attack and +1 Drain. It takes 800 experience to master.


Gemini (IB2)
Sword Gemini
Type Dual weapon
Price Gp-icon.png 4,975
Sells for Gp-icon.png 1,243
Attack stat 10
XP to master 1,000
Square gem 1
Found in Infinity Blade II
Gemini is a dual weapon available in Infinity Blade II for Gp-icon.png 4,975, with +10 Attack.


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Gemini is a dual weapon in Infinity Blade III, available for purchase in the store for Gp-icon.png 2,900. It is used by Siris.


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