Saydhi's Champion
Type Giant enemy
Alias Saydhi's Champion
Weapon Orok (IB2)
Found in Infinity Blade II
Infinity Blade III

Genno, also known as Saydhi's Champion, is a giant enemy found in Infinity Blade II. He can only be encountered in Saydhi's Estate, immediately before fighting Saydhi In the tutorial. He can also be encountered in ClashMob events. Genno wields Orok. Genno is unusually agile for a Giant titan; fury chains show him performing somersaults and spinning jumps on his attacks.

He makes a return in Infinity Blade III. There, he can wield different Heavy weapons and also use columns instead. Like most titans, he can switch between the two weapon types on the occasion a hit disarms him.


  • Genno is the fourth enemy after Shade, Kabuki and Ronin.
  • Genno is the enemy needed to go to the negative bloodlines in Infinity Blade II. To enter the mode, the player must restart (or even be in) Rebirth 1 and keep the Infinity Blade equipped throughout the tutorial (any shield, helm, armor, or ring can be used). After defeating the first three enemies normally, Siris will reach Genno, Saydhi's Champion. After completing the super attack as instructed by the tutorial, then stabbing Genno three times, the player should ignore the combo instruction and keep slicing in ONLY one direction for about 25 seconds. Next, the player must follow the instructions and do a combo. After that, the player must let Genno kill him/her. Upon death, instead of an option to restart the rebirth, the option will be "??????". The player must select this new option to enter the negative rebirths.In the mode, the gem set will automatically be equipped. Other items can be purchased, but not worn.


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