Golems are a type of enemy that have appeared in all three games of the Infinity Blade trilogy. Typically, golems are metal-based giant titans, though this changed from Infinity Blade II onward to include those closer to the size of the player.

Types of GolemsEdit

Razor GolemEdit


Razor Golem

Main article - Razor Golem

Razor Golem is a staff- wielding enemy found in Infinity Blade III. Its main appearing areas are the Plains of Koroth or the Observatory where you can find Varun.

Iron GolemEdit

Iron Golem

Iron Golem

Main article- Iron Golem

Iron Golem is a heavy- weapon wielding enemy found in the whole Infinity Blade Trilogy. It can be found everywhere as a giant titan, and it wields a Kraken in Infinity Blade I and II.

Mercury GolemEdit

Mercury golem

Mercury Golem

Main article- Mercury Golem

Mercury Golem is an enemy which appears in Infinity Blade III. It wields any weapon class. It can be found anywhere as a regular titan.

Uranium GolemEdit

Uranium golem

Uranium Golem

Main article- Uranium Golem

Uranium Golem is a large enemy which appears in Infinity Blade III. It wields an Equator, a heavy weapon. It can be found everywhere, mostly Larioth.

Adamantine GolemEdit

Main article- Adamantine Golem

Adamantine Golem is an enemy found in Infinity Blade III. It can mostly be found in Larioth, the Plains of Koroth and the Observatory. It wields an Aquila.

Moss GolemEdit

Moss Giant

Moss Golem

Main Article- Moss Golem

Moss Golem is a monstrosity found in Infinity Blade II. It is a unique enemy, as it drops the Vile Blade upon its first defeat.

Plated GolemEdit


Plated Golem

Main article- Plated Golem

Plated Golem is an enemy found in Infinity Blade I. It wields a Kludd. It can be found before the second gate, in the Prison, or in the atrium. It also appears in the ClashMobs of Infinity Blade II.

Lead GolemEdit


Lead Golem

Main article- Lead Golem

Lead Golem is an enemy found in Infinity Blade III. It is a regular titan found anywhere and it uses dual weapons.

Training Golem Edit

IMG 1644

Training Golem

Main article- Training Golem

Training Golem is a training bot added to Infinity Blade III in the Blademasters update. It uses a wooden sword. It can be found in the left part of the hideout. It is another unique enemy, which cannot die; similarly the player cannot die in a battle against it.

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