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Gridiron (IB2)
Ring Gridiron
Type Ring
Price $5,250
Sells for $1,312
Magic stat 6
XP to master 2,100
Shield spell Level 2
Light spell Level 2
Found In Infinity Blade II
Gridiron (IB1) Gridiron (IB2) This item is not in IB3

Gridiron is a ring available in Infinity Blade II. It provides a bonus of 6 points to Magic and enables the Level 2 Light and Shield spells. It takes 2,100 xp to master and costs $5,250 in the shop.

The design of the ring reflects the colors of the most recent winner of the Super Bowl, the New York Giants. The same ring in Infinity Blade I has colors representing the Green Bay Packers. On the side there is an plaque reading "World Champion".

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