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Harmony (IB2)
Sword Harmony
Type Light weapon
Locked Yes
Price $5,750
Sells for $1,437
Attack stat +14
XP to master 2,000
Circle gem 1
Triangle gem 1
Found in Infinity Blade II
Harmony is a unique light weapon found in Infinity Blade II. When used in combat, special animations are displayed, similar to the Lady Finger. It is most likely a reference to the popular flash game of Robot Unicorn Attack, as the mace is of a unicorn with the rainbow type mane, the "Harmony" reference is most likely due to the song that is in the background whilst the game is being played.

It is also believed yet more unlikely that it is reference to My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic , a TV show on The Hub that was targeted toward a young, female audience but has received endorsement from older males as well.

The sword can be attributed to this in many ways: 1. The sword has a horse on it, referencing how in the show, most characters are equine. 2. The sword is called "Harmony". In the show, the protagonists can control a set of six gems, each representing a different humanitarian quality, which together form the "Elements of Harmony". 3. Furthermore, the sword is embellished with six gems, and a horn, yet the sixth gem is clear, and slightly smaller than the others. This is a reference as to how when the Elements of Harmony are first found, one is missing.


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