Hedge Knight
Hedge knight
Type Regular enemy
Weapon Oathborn
Armor Iron Armor
Shield Silverlight
Helmet Plated Crown
Found in Infinity Blade I

The Hedge Knight is a small, agile enemy. He wears red Iron Armor, his helmet is the Plated Crown, his sword is the Oathborn and his shield is the Silverlight.

The Hedge Knight can be encountered in the third battle guarding the chest to the right when you enter the castle. He can also be encountered on the the fifth battle on the bridge, and you can also fight him in the last battle in the dungeon before coming up the stairs to the hall.

The Hedge Knight can be tricky, but once you have mastered all of his moves, you can beat him easily. He also uses three different types of fury chains.

The Hedge Knight also appeared in Infinity Blade II for a very short time under the name of Iron Hunter, taking on a much less humane personality. Sometime when the Vault of Tears update was released however, this enemy was removed in place for the Iron Lancer, and in the Skycages update, a very different enemy used the name of Iron Hunter.

Fury 1Edit

Diagonal sword swipe, diagonal sword swipe.

The knight will step back and lunge forward with the first swipe. It can be dodged to the left, blocked or parried with good timing. The second can be dodged to the right, blocked or parried with good timing.

Fury 2Edit

Sword and shield bash, face kick, diagonal sword swipe.

The knight will step back and try to hit you with his sword and shield at once. Dodge to the right. It is recommended you block the face kick, as you may not have enough time to dodge. The last hit can be dodged to the left, blocked or parried with good timing.

Fury 3Edit

Horizontal sword swipe, elbow hit, shield bash.

This is his trickiest move. The first hit must be parried, it cannot be dodged or blocked. If you manage to parry successfully, it will stop him in his tracks and he won't carry out the rest of the chain (though it won't parry break him). If he hits you, be sure to quickly dodge the elbow hit, and dodge right to avoid the shield bash.

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