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Hexagon gems or bonus gems are used to increase the amount of gold or experience gained in battle, repair shield endurance when casting magic, or hinder enemies by opening larger attack windows or stunning them with the correct technique. They can be found anywhere.

Up to two hexagon gems can be equipped at any one time, but for a second to be used from something other than armor, the Paga Circle, Iridix or Gem Circle must be equipped, being the only items other than armor possessing a hexagon gem slot.

Image Description
Gold hgem Increases amount of gold obtained (37% maximum)
Xp hgem Increases amount of experienced gained (125% maximum)
Gold hgem Increases rare item drop rate (25% maximum)
Shield hgem On magic get X shield (125 maximum)
Health hgem On magic get X health (2500 maximum)
Titan-break hgem Titan Break +X (1 or 2)
Parry hgem On Perfect Parry Stun Titan 3s

A special gem called the Rare XP Gem, which grants 1,000 XP on every hit (but not slashes, if you use a heavy weapon), is a dark red hexagon gem.