The Hideout is the main base in Infinity Blade III. It is located on the northern shore of the greater landmass of Lantimor. Across the sea is the lesser landmass of Lantimor, home to the Broken Tower, which can be seen from the hideout.

There are 5 interactions possible from the Hideout, and 6 if you include occasional visits from the Merchant. The map allows Siris and Isa to travel to any location available. The main building is home to Eves, who brews potions at the player's request and monitors the Phoenix chamber. The building to the left is occupied by the Gemcutter who is available after completing Act IV with Isa. The forge to the right of the main tower is put to use by the Blacksmith, who is able to upgrade mastered items, increasing their physical (and magical) potency, enhancing gem slots and allowing them to be remastered, and upgraded again. Isa must complete Act III before the Blacksmith comes to the hideout. Following Act 1, the Merchant visits the Hideout every so often, who can be found by panning all the way to the left, where her boat is docked at the pier. Additionally, there is a Training Golem at the very left of the Hideout.


The hideout


Viewing the hideout from Broken Tower.

Trivia Edit

  • According to the Merchant, the Hideout was a longtime base for smugglers.
  • The map resembles the Mediterranean Sea, and its bordering landmasses.
  • If you click on the animal head on the right side of the Potion Master's building, you will get either an attack stat gem or an attack stat potion.
  • The Broken Tower is visible from the hideout, but only when the camera permits. Such an instance is in the Merchant's Ship, looking out of the back of the boat across the water. Vice versa, the Hideout is also visible if viewed from the top of the Broken Tower.
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    Broken Tower is visible from the boat.

  • Occasionally the chest in front of the house (in between the gem cutter's house and training golem) will be able to be opened and special items such as gems and gold will be found. You may receive notifications about what will be in the chest, if it is turned on in your iOS settings.
    Naafusan Mountains on map selected

    The Nafusaan Mountains on the map.

World map

From left clockwise inwards: the Pinnacle Monastary, Saranthia, the Ark, the Metus Observatory, the Pit (Arena), the Nafusaan Mountains (without point on map), the Seccian Desert, the Broken Tower (smaller island), the Crevasse (the Collector; shield), Larioth, the Plains of Koroth, the Temple of Lantimore/the Dark Citadel, and Drem's Maw.

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