The Horned Razorbel is a female enemy found in Infinity Blade lll. They wear red headscarves, have horns of an ox. They carry a variety of Light, Heavy and Dual weapons usable by Isa. Both her standard attack chains and fury chains use her weapon almost all the time and can be easily stopped with a single parry; only her Dual form allows her to use non-weapon kicking attacks. This makes her the easiest to fight among the three Regular Female titans, the two others being the Kunochai and the Bugeishai.

She often responds verbally to Isa's crossbow sneak attacks, calling her a cheater or commanding her to show herself, but rarely exchanges dialogue with Siris. She is not quite as talkative as the Kunochai, and even sometimes makes no sound when hit, hinting that she has a silent, cold and calculating disposition, showing this even further by laughing or taunting the player when she is forced to change weapons.

Horned Razorbels are also the primary enemy found in the Seccian Desert to the door that is unlocked with the Cuttle.


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