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Iron Claw
Sword IronClaw
Type Weapon
Price $17,500
Sells for
Attack stat 20
XP to master 4,400
Found in Infinity Blade I
Forged with a blunt edge, this heavy sword pummels more than it cuts.[src]
The Iron Claw is a weapon wielded by Horned Guardians. This weapon can be purchased in the Store for $17,500. It has +20 Attack. It takes 4,400 XP to master.


The Iron Claw is a locked light weapon in IB2. It has 100 attack stat and two circle gem slots. The Iron Claw costs 50,000. It also takes 5,000 XP to master. Once mastered, it sells for 12,500.It is a perfect weapon for beginning players.
Iron Claw

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