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The Iron Dreadnaught is the first enemy Raidriar has to face in the tutorial of Infinity Blade III, right before facing Ashimar. Raidriar said that the Iron Dreadnaught as a fine creation. He said "A waste. Such a fine creation slain for no reason." After that the Iron Dreadnaught can be found in any area as a regular enemy. It has a small lined helmet with massive armor.

The Iron Dreadnaught starts a fight with either a heavy weapon or a stone post. When scratched while using a heavy weapon, there is a chance for the Dreadnaught to lose the weapon and snatch a stone post (or animal rib cage) to fight the player. All of its attacks can be parried and dodged if the player is using Dual Weapons. This makes Iron Dreadnaught the easiest large enemy in IB 3.

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