The Iron Guard is one of the most recognizable regular enemies throughout all 3 games.

History Edit

In Infinity Blade l, the Iron Guard wears the Shadow, the Night Armor, the Phoenix Guard, and is armed with a Shard. It is found on the outdoor balcony to the right of the first gate, on the bridge before the second gate, and on the dungeon stairway.

In Infinity Blade ll, it has the same items, but shares the same sounds of other regular enemies, including sounds of the Plated Sorok.

In Infinity Blade lll, it has the same armor and helmet as before. However, it carries many different weapons from the Light, Heavy and Dual classes available to Siris, and it can use different shields when using Light weapons as well. The Iron Guard is also a faster and more vicious enemy with Light weapons than in previous Infinity Blade games, using lots of shield bashes, but is not such a challenging enemy with Heavy and Dual weapons. All of its original voice returns as well, instead of having the sounds partially recycled with the Plated Sorok, who also has a different voice in Infinity Blade lll.

Gallery Edit


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