Iron Hunter
Torren upper
Type Regular enemies
Gender Male
Alias Torren (unofficial)
Weapon Slint
Armor Hunter Mail
Shield Maximus
Helmet Royal Helm
Found in Infinity Blade II - v1.3
The Iron Hunter, or sometimes (unofficially) referred to as Torren, is a character added to Infinity Blade II in the Skycages update. He can be found at the top of the Tower, in the center skycage. The player can release the Iron Hunter from his cell if Siris has the Infinity Blade equipped. He will then attack Siris, believing that he is affiliated with his captors. He equips the Hunter MailSlint, Royal Helm and Maximus.

When the Iron Hunter's health bar depletes by 2/3, he will yield for mercy, and the player can decide whether to finish or spare him. If spared, the Iron Hunter will return in the next Rebirth and give Siris Torren's Legacy, a weapon forged by his ancestors to fight the Deathless. If killed, the Iron Hunter drops the Hunter Mail.



  • The Iron Hunter is NOT Deathless, as stated on the official website. It is said that late in his mortal life, the Iron Hunter took an apprentice.
  • The Iron Hunter's name is speculated to be Torren though there are many theories disagreeing to this opinion.

Bugs and GlitchesEdit

  • fixed in 1.31 - If you spare the Iron Hunter twice, the game will stall on the next rebirth and you will not be able to proceed. The only ways to fix this bug are to restart to Rebirth 1 or follow the instructions in this post.
  • - In the 1.31 update, if you spare him a second time, he gives you Torren's Legacy and Gp-icon.png 1000 to Gp-icon.png 5000 gold. Torren's Legacy is automatically equipped.


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