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Jade Band (IB1)
Ring Jade
Type Ring
Price $189,000
Sells for
Magic stat 1
XP to master 9,350
Poison spell Level 4
Found In Infinity Blade I
A carved jade ring from the far east, rumored to have poisoned a king.[src]
The Jade Band is a ring available in Infinity Blade I. It provides a bonus of 1 point to Magic and enables the Level 4 Poison spell. It takes 9,350 XP to master and costs $189,000 in the shop.


Jade Band (IB2)
Ring Jade
Type Ring
Locked Yes
Price $94,500
Sells for $23,625
XP to master 18,000
Fire spell Level 5
Diamond gems 2
The Jade Band is a ring in Infinity Blade II. It has a level 5 fire spell and 2 diamond gem slots.

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