Type NPCs
Alias The Master Blacksmith

Jensen, also known as The Master Blacksmith, is an NPC that can be recruited during the course of Infinity Blade III.  He is Siris's childhood friend. In Act II, Siris commands TEL to search for him, seeking for the "Right Weapon", but TEL tells Siris that Jensen has been captured by the fake Raidriar. He must be rescued from an abomination of Thane's Quantum Identity Pattern during Isa's mission "The Right Weapon." Jensen plays a significant role in Infinity Blade III, since he was in charge of modifying the Redeemer so that it could erase Galath's memories.

Once rescued, he will stay at the Hideout and increase the level of weapons, shields, helmets, armor and rings mastered by the player for a certain amount of gold.