Key Treasure Map
Key Treasure Map Open
Type map
Reward Key
Price Gp-icon.png 8,000
Added in v1.2
Found in Infinity Blade II

The Key Treasure Map signifies where to obtain a large key(for the first time) the second time we get a medium key and the third time we get nothing. It can be purchased in the Store at any time with Gp-icon.png 8,000.

The structure shown in the map can be found at the top of the tower where Thane resides, to the immediate right of the entrance.

A key can be obtained on three separate occasions:

  1. First Thane encounter.
  2. Random enemy encounter after killing Thane.
  3. Second Thane encounter.

Siris' ObservationEdit

"This tower seems riddled with secrets."


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