The Kunochai is a female enemy found in Infinity Blade lll, along with sister titans Bugeishai and Horned Razorbel. She wears the Forbidden Armor and Perconis, except the worn colors are white, grey, black and red, while Isa's is white, grey and green. She wields all weapon classes available to Isa.

She may look as easy as most other titans, and appear not to be very powerful, but she actually has some of the toughest Chops and fury chains, using moves such as repeatedly banging a Light weapon at the player, or spinning a Heavy weapon for many hits changing directions at impossibly breakneck speeds. Along with some of her standard attacks being more vicious than those of the Bugeishai and Horned Razorbel, she could be easily considered the hardest of the three Regular Female titans to fight (excluding the MX-Ninja), despite being much more common than either of the others.

The Kunochai also appears to be the most extroverted (and maybe the most popular) of all the three Regular Female titans. Her personality owes to her vicious stamina in combat and her loud voice. When she exchanges dialogue, she can be heard accusing Isa of cowardice for a cheap shot with her crossbow to which Isa replies being a survivor or imagining the Kunochai wished she did it first.

  • When facing Siris, she appears more collected and her malice manifests itself in softer, more wicked dares and taunts. Siris may tell her to stand aside or brace herself for combat, and she taunts him by either questioning his odds of survival or sharing her eagerness to fight him.

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