Light gems are gems with three points, for use only with light weaponsGold lightgem

  • On Combo5 Get x Health. Max Value: 2500
Do a 5 combo, then you gain health.
  • Titan Speed 80%/90%.
Slows down your enemy
  • On 5 Hit Combo, Continue Combo
After a successful 5 hit combo, all hits are combos. This gem is commonly referred to as 5CC.
  • On 4 Hit Combo, Block All Attacks
After a successful 4 hit combo, every hit can be blocked. Best combined with a 100% Rare Defense Gem. This colour is the same as the the dual "Parry All Attacks" gem, probably because they have the same function, with a few differences. For the Block All Attacks gem, you have to do a 4 hit combo. For the Parry All Attacks gem, the effect is automatically applied.
  • On Combo4 Get x Gold. Max Value: 125 
Do a 4 combo, then you gain gold.

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