The MX-Ninja is an enemy included in the Ausar Rising content pack for Infinity Blade III , the MX-Ninja is a robotic addition to the nimble Regular Female titan group, examples consisting of the Bugeishai and the Kunochai. Unlike most of the titans, it is one of the few non-boss titans that cannot change weapons, and is fixed to using the Light form. It sports two unique kicking fury chains and one slashing fury chain recycled from the Horned Razorbel which uses weapons.

Fury Chains Edit

Kicking Fury Chain 1: The MX-Ninja spins its torso to perform dangerous spinning kicks from the player's right. It starts as hitting diagonally downwards which changes elevation to hit diagonally upwards. The MX-Ninja then finishes with a right-downwards weapon Chop from the left.

Kicking Fury Chain 2: The MX-Ninja rears up briefly, then approaches by raising its left leg to perform three foot kicks. Next it turns to use the right leg to perform three more foot kicks, and finally a spinning kick to the center.

Tactics Edit

When it performs Kicking Fury Chain 2, damage from it is challenging to avoid using Heavy weapons for two reasons: the hits inside the kicking session in a single leg change direction each hit, and you cannot parry the feet, which are not weapon attacks. But if you want to block the fury chain using Heavy weapons, below is the correct technique to successfully avoid all damage from the attack:

  • When it raises its first leg, block Center, Right and Left. When it raises its second leg, block Center, Left and Left. Finally, block Center to stop the last single kick.
  • It is recommended to cast Freeze spells or equip Titan Speed slowing gems or potions if you wish to practice this, which is a good idea to get used to quickly if your best forms of damage come from Heavy weapon use.

Alternative tactics are to just use Light weapon classes to reliably block the fury chain, cast Super or Magic to reset the MX-Ninja's attack chain, or equip a Great Parry All Attacks gem and hope you time the parry right.

Trivia Edit

It's helmet resembles the Wraith Helm and its armor resembles the Noc Armor.

Gallery Edit


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