Moss Golem
Moss Giant
Type Monstrosity
Drops The Vile Blade
Found in Infinity Blade II

The Moss Golem is a large monstrosity summoned after the Bog Giant is defeated (which appears to become the Moss Golem upon death, as Siris is walking away). There is no break in between fights, so it is recommended that you take little to no damage during the Bog Giant.

This is one of the most dangerous enemies in the game (about 50 levels higher than the Giant before it). Because the Moss Golem is the strongest monstrosity enemy in the game, and it is highly reccomended that its bite attack is avoided if possible, as it can easily finish off Siris, regardless of level, if not thrown off as fast as possible.

Your best possilbe loadout would be a dual sword with as much power to it as you can get (preferably with a parry gem if possible, it allows for many more attacks to be parried), a helm/armor that boosts life or magic, as both the Bog Giant and the Moss Golem deal heavy damage and almost definitely require a healing ring, and a shield with resistance gems. For lower level players without higher end equipment, Siris's armor in the tutorial is a good alternative to stronger equipment like Raidriar's or the Aegis set. Additionally, once you get the Vile Blade and finish the Vile set, you can obtain the Holy band, which will make this fight much easier.

The Moss Golem awards Siris with 15000 XP and the Vile Blade upon the first defeat.

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