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NewGame+, often abbreviated as NG+, is a game mode found in both Infinity Blade I and II. It is an alternative to the default mode, original game. Entering NewGame+ is different for each game.

Infinity Blade I

To enter the mode in Infinity Blade I, you must obtain The Infinity Blade. Use it to unlock the obelisk in the dungeon, and kill the three prisoners to unlock the large door. Proceed through it and kill both Zero Mech and Archarin. An option will appear to enter NewGame+.

When you enter NewGame+, you will lose all your items and gold. However, you will be able to master all the items again, to a second level. This feature persists even if you haven't mastered an item from the Original Game mode; i.e. you'll be able to master the item twice. 

If you buy The Infinity Blade, defeat the three Deathless Kings, Zero Mech and Archarin, you will be able to enter NewGame++. Here you can master your items to a third level. You can repeat this process to enter additional game modes and unlock additional Mastery levels. You will not have to repeat the tutorial on blocking during any of these modes.

Note: If at any point during NewGame+ or its derivatives you click on Reset to Bloodline 1, you automatically start at the beginning; i.e. the OG mode.

Infinity Blade II

To enter the mode in Infinity Blade II, you must kill Raidriar. Afterwards, you can go to "Character Slots" in the settings menu and enable NewGame+. The NewGame+ save is separate from the original game save. The game mode can be switched at any time by changing character slots.

IB2 VoT CardboardHero
Card Board Full Armor Set

Hey Guys/Girls, I have decided to write a Article to help people understand what a NewGame+ is and what it truly entails.

- How to Start a NewGame+

This is quite simple really, press the menu button on the top middle of the screen, instead of pressing the character button hit the little gear. Here you should find an option that says "Character Slots". Now if you have beaten Raidriar the option for a new game plus should be under your Character.

-Fear Not

When you start a NewGame+ your actual profile pre-NG+ will still be there, You can load it at the same place you started your NG+.

- Key Things to Know About NewGame+

-When you start a NG+ all of your money and Items are forfeit, you will no longer have them and you must work your way back up to where you were before. (The exception for this being any money you bought via the appstore).

- Everytime you beat Raidriar Your next NG+ is automatically intiated so be careful

-With each NG+ you are allowed to master an item one more time for a higher amount of XP, this being said you could theoretically beat Raidriar 40 times rather quickly not mastering upper tier items like the Seratic Armor or the Infinity Blade, however when you would reach them you would be able to master one of those items 40 times in a row

- Enemies become much more difficult and will tend to use more moves that you cannot parry, therefore it would be best to either invest in shield or play the dual wielding style more often.

-Money becomes much more scarce in this, fortunately clashmob often has prizes that involve money or higher end items. However if you do not use clashmob it is entirely possible to play NG+ just fine, you simply need to play more moneywise.

-If you are caught in a situation where you accidently beat Thane and you aren't satisfied with your current level/gear masteries beat all of Raidriars minions and then throw the match with Raidriar, it is a slow way to level up but it will help you in the long run.

-After your first NG+ The Omega OS -7 Armor set will be available to the player (it's pretty fantastic)

Well that's it folks, If you want actual tips on level grinding/gold grinding check out Silversabeast’s NewGame+ Guide.

for this page, remember this isn't a game guide this is for people who don't fully understand what NG+ entails

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