The Parry All Attacks Gem is a special gem which gives the ability to parry any attack including shield bashes and monstrosity claw attacks. It is very rarely dropped as loot from chests or Titans, and can be rewarded from Rare Gem Wheels. In Infinity Blade III, it is called 'Combat Great Parry All Gem', it is triangular in shape and can be equipped on heavy weapons, light weapons or dual weapons (any weapon with a triangle slot).

Infinity Blade IIIEdit

Gem and Sell Price

In Infinity Blade III a Parry All Attacks Gem and can be made in the Gem Forge by using in 3 perfect 6250 damage parry gems. This will result with a red triangle gem which sells for $300,000.


The Parry All gem does not have a definite recipe; the gem is created randomly. The easiest way to get it is to buy a Rare Gem Wheel, as the gem doesn't have an actual recipe. If you want to forge one, however, you can try this combination: On Parry get XP ($500,000 value), On Stab get Gold ($500,000 value), and On Magic Titan Break +1 ($125,000 value), or, On Stab get Gold ($500,000 value), On Parry get XP ($4xx,xxx value), and On Magic get XP ($125,000 value), both in their respective orders. (For IB2)

For the Great Parry All Gem, it can be forged by combining 3 On perfect parry, damage titan 6250 gems. This recipe has a 100% success rate. However, the 3 gems must be capped.