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The Parry All Attacks Gem is a special gem which gives the ability to parry any attack including shield bashes and monstrosity claw attacks. It can be only equipped with dual weapons, and can be sold for $500,000. It is very rarely dropped as loot from chests or Titans, and can be rewarded from Rare Gem Wheels.


The Parry All gem does not have a definite recipe; the gem is created randomly. The easiest way to get it is to buy a Rare Gem Wheel, as the gem doesn't have an actual recipe. If you want to forge one, however, you can try this combination: On Parry get XP ($500,000 value), On Stab get Gold ($500,000 value), and On Magic Titan Break +1 ($125,000 value), or, On Stab get Gold ($500,000 value), On Parry get XP ($4xx,xxx value), and On Magic get XP ($125,000 value), both in their respective orders. (For IB2)

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