Petrified Noc
Petrified Noc
Type Large enemy
Subtype Nocs
Drops Ra'ul
Weapon Kaen
Found in Infinity Blade II

The Petrified Noc is a large enemy found in the skycages of Infinity Blade II. He is contained in the cell farthest to the left of the room. When released, the Petrified Noc engages Siris in battle. The player must equip Nobel to open the skycage. He was the first Skycages enemy to appear in a Clashmob event. He is also the only Skycage enemy not to converse with Siris. He is a part of the Noc family and wields the Kaen.


  • It is possible that the Petrified Noc may be Deathless.


Siris: You are no long a prisoner to the Deathless.

engages battle

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